Promotions At Party Poker

One of the reasons why Party Poker is so popular amongst all online poker rooms is the attractiveness and uniqueness of its promotional offers. Party Poker promotions are regularly scheduled for both its new players and its old members. Promotions at PartyPoker are not just designed to reward old and new players to play more at the website, but also to provide them with a unique gaming experience that cannot be found anywhere else on the internet. This article discusses the best amongst the plethora of promotional offers available on the Party Poker website.

The Gladiator

This promotional event is held at Party Poker website from March to April every year. It involves playing the various games at the website and accumulating as much points over the month as possible by playing as much as you can on a daily basis. The minimum requirement for you to be entitled to a prize is if you earn at least 10 points a day over a period of 5 days.

Achieving the aforementioned goal would also win you a seat in the $10,000 free-roll.
The highest prize that can be won by you is a cash prize of $7,500. You would be entitled to it if you manage to earn 2,000 points on a daily basis for 25 days during the month of the promotion.

There are many other prizes that are up for grabs and the goals needed to achieve them lie in between the minimum and maximum requirements. For example, if you play 10 days, earning 400 points per day, you would be entitled to $300. On the other hand, if you play for 20 days with a daily earning of 10 points, you would be entitled to a bonus of $15.

Party Poker Tournament Leaderboards

This is one of the promotions at PartyPoker, where a Leaderboard will keep track of the performances of various players, involves rewarding players who qualify for any of the four categories listed on the leader board.

  • All players who are involved in sit and go or multi table tournaments, are eligible for this promotion. Party Poker would be giving away $30,000 to the winners of this promotion on a monthly basis.
  • There would be two kinds of leader boards: weekly and monthly. The weekly leader board would start from midnight every Monday and end on 11:59 PM every Sunday. The winners of the weekly board would be entitled to prize of $500, which would be deposited in their Party Poker accounts.
  • The monthly leader board would encompass the time-frame starting from the midnight of the first day of every month and ending at 11:59 PM of the last day of the same month. The prizes that the top 100 players on the monthly leader board would be entitled to range from $40 to $2,500, based on individual results.

Party Poker would also enable players to view their individual standings on the leaderboard through a newly established system. This standing system would be accessible to the players through their individual accounts at the Party Poker website. This enables players to keep track of their performance as compare to other players and helps them to scheme their approach.

The points that you would earn in a weekly leader board would also count in the monthly leaderboard. The points table of all players gets reset after each month. Therefore, you can’t carry over one month’s points to the next month.

New Player Promotional Offer

Party Poker promotions also include a lucrative welcome bonus exclusively meant for new players. The new players who sign up using a Party Poker bonus code get an incredible 100% welcome bonus worth up to €/$/£/500.

Party Poker Monthly Million

The Party Poker Monthly million is perhaps the most famous and most lavish tournament held at the Party Poker website. The first prize in this tournament is an incredible $1,000,000. The qualifier for this tournament starts at the early hours of the first Sunday of each month and you can be entitled to get a seat at the main event for as measly an amount as one cent! The main event at Party Poker starts at 12:45 Eastern Time.