Party Poker Instant Play Feature

Party Poker, one of the worlds most popular and biggest online poker rooms, allows you to play its games directly through its browser. The Party Poker instant play feature also enables Mac and Linux users to enjoy their games without having to switch from the respective browsers of their choice. The instant play, or Party Poker no download feature doesn’t require the player to download any supporting software suite into his/her computer. The player can just log on to Party Poker’s website and start playing his/her favorite games.


This feature also includes real money play for serious poker players. All that a player needs is a computer with an internet connection, and he/she is good to go. This feature does not even require a specific browser, Party Poker instant play works on most browsers without any glitch. There are some minor requirements that have to be met though. The OS required to avail the instant play feature are: Windows 98/XP/ME/2000/Vista/Win7, Mac and Linux.

The browsers that work best for the instant Play Feature are IE 5.0 and upwards, Firefox 1.0 or higher and Safari 1.3 or upwards. The requirements for the version of Java software in the case of Mac users are MRJ 2.2.5 and for Microsoft users they are IBM JDK/JVM/Sun JDK 1.4/1.5. The resolution required by your computer would be a minimum of 800×600 pixels. If you also require sounds to be enabled in the games, your computer would need a sound card.

Comparison Between Instant Play And Full Version Software Suite

The Party Poker instant play feature has almost all the functions of the full version of the Party Poker software suite. To avail the full functionality of the games at this poker site, you need to download their software suite. The following is a list of pros that will give you a comprehensive idea about the advantages that Instant play and the full version software suite would get you respectively.

Advantages of Instant Play

  • Instant access to most games on Party Poker, irrespective of the OS of the computer.
  • Hassle free play that doesn’t involve downloading and installing the full version of the Party Poker software suite.
  • Can be played from almost all popular internet browsers, from any computer

The instant play version may not have all the features found in the full version, but it is good enough for novice and casual players who are getting used to the exciting world of poker.

How To Use Instant Play Feature

To use the Party Poker instant play feature to play your favorite game, you first need to visit the Party Poker website. Then, you have to click on the link for ‘Party Poker anywhere’, following which, you have to click on the button marked ‘instant play’. That would start the Party Poker lite version on your computer. After you have followed these steps to the letter, your OS would give out a security prompt. Don’t be alarmed at it, because that prompt pops up whenever a program that your computer doesn’t recognize, tries to run itself.

Click the ‘run’ button if you are a Windows user. Windows users need to remember to unblock all security prompts for the program to run properly on the browser. On the other hand, Mac users can simply click on the ‘Trust’ button for the instant play program to run unhampered.

Features That Are Unavailable In the Instant Play Version

Although Party Poker’s instant play feature is good enough for most Poker enthusiasts or novices, some Poker fans might find the absence of the certain features rather irksome. Therefore you would do well to know exactly which features are unavailable on the instant play version, and judge for yourself whether you would do better to download the full version software suite or whether the Party Poker instant play feature would suffice.

The features that are not available in the instant play are as follows:

  • Some dealer options on the table.
  • Tool for network status
  • Cascading Table filters
  • The user won’t be able to create private tables

While downloading the client software may seem like a great option, using the party poker no download mode is simpler and more convenient, especially if your computer does not have the needed space and power to accommodate the gaming software.