Party Poker Bonus Code: Pkrdeposit

Party Poker, one of the largest and most popular online poker rooms in the world is offering a welcome bonus to new members who are registering on the website using the PartyPoker bonus code: pkrdeposit. This party poker bonus code unlocks a welcome bonus on Party Poker’s website, which would match the initial deposit made by the player and double the deposit amount. This incredible bonus offer is meant exclusively for new comers to the Party Poker website.

How To Use The Bonus Code

To use the Party Poker bonus code: Pkrdeposit, you need to download the Party Poker software suite from their website first. The software suite is available at their website for free and takes little time to download and install. Then you need to sign up at the website using the bonus code. Just type the bonus code in the field where it says “If you have a Sign Up Bonus, please enter it here”.

That would unlock your welcome bonus. Be careful to use the bonus code properly, because improper usage through mistyping might result in the expiration of the bonus code. That is why you should make it a point to use the bonus codes from reputed websites.

The following is the list of few frequently asked questions regarding Party Poker bonus codes and the poker sites rules and regulations with regards to it. Read on to gain a better understanding of the workings at Party Poker and enable yourself to get the optimum satisfaction from your gaming experience there.

Why is party Poker Offering Bonuses?

For the simple sake of promoting their brand, Party Poker offers its partner or affiliate sites with Party Poker bonus codes like these. These bonus codes won’t be found on the homepage of Party Poker’s website. Letting partner sites publish such bonus codes attracts people from a wider sphere of influence, who have the potential to become regular players at Party Poker. The bonus codes themselves serve as an incentive for the visitors, as they bring in free cash that can be used for poker games on the site.

Whether You Are Really Entitled To Get the Bonus If You Simply Sign Up

There are two requirements that you need to meet for being entitled to the bonus. Firstly, you would have to sign up for a real money account at Party Poker and deposit a minimum of $50. Secondly, you will have to play at least 125 hands to get your bonus released. However, if you chose to sign up by using the 100% up to $500 bonus, your bonus money’s release would be subject to you accumulating Party Points (8 points for every dollar). Besides that, the other condition governing your bonus would be its release into your cash account through 10 increments, while you have around 4 months to clear the bonus.

The Meaning Of The Term ‘Clearing’

The term ‘clearing’ refers to the situation when the poker player has met or ‘cleared’ all the requirements at Party Poker for the bonus to be released into your money account. This kind of a system is in place with almost every other online poker room on the internet, the purpose being the prevention of abuse of the bonus system by players. The basic intent behind these regulations is simply to make the player try out the website’s software and wager a certain amount before releasing the bonus money. In fact, compared to other online poker rooms, Party Poker’s clearing requirements are quite lenient.

Whether A Player Can Sign Up For Multiple Accounts To Play Multiple Tournaments

You would not be allowed to do that. Party Poker does not allow a single person to hold multiple accounts in their sites. The simple reason behind that being, multiple accounts would unethically increase your chances of winning, while putting other players at a disadvantage.

The only exception to this rule is when you and your spouse are trying to open separate accounts on the Party Poker website, using different IP addresses. Even then, you would be required to contact their customer support, and ask them to make a special exception for your case. You would also have to provide them with supporting documents and proper proofs, for them to consider your request.